The Eligugu Pty Ltd offers a wide variety of painting services, and hires only the best painters to take care of your building. Whether you need to remove your old paint, remove your old ceiling, or just change the style and decor of your building, we will be there for you every step along the way.


Whether you want to refresh the appearance, or change the exterior colors, painting the exterior of your building can do wonders for your building/house. Just like our interior painting services, our exterior painting services provide beauty and elegance, as well as protection from the elements for your building.


There are many ways to bring out the beauty of the living space in your home. A fresh coat of interior paint can do wonders for a room. If you are looking to liven up the atmosphere, a change of color(s) can make a world of difference. Whatever you choose, we have the painters to make your dreams come true.

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